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About Us


Aseer Time Group is a brand borne out of the passion for satisfying a wide range of tastes across all world cultures. We are one of the biggest providers of top-quality foods and beverages. By providing world-class delicacies and drinks prepared using carefully sourced ingredients, we have been able to touch lives and transmit happiness.

Many years ago, our founders discovered how essential it is to eat healthy and how almost impossible that is for an average man. Hence, we decided to create the solution by creating a platform where we can collaborate with people who share the same vision. Since its establishment in 2011, we have made foods and drinks rich in healthy nutrients.

Each of our products stands out in many ways. That is because we have based each creation on a solid foundation of quality, which is an essential element that our reputation has been built upon. This standard of quality is what we aim to spread all over the world through rich partnerships and life-enriching collaborations by investing in all aspects of production, from product development and research to marketing. Our marketing strategies are targeted towards enriching customers with essential information, such that the marketing department is one of the most invested in. As a franchising company, we believe that it is our obligation to spread the word all over about the greatness of our products and services.

Our brands include Aseer Time, Papa Kanafa, Bugerat, and Einstein. Currently, we are present in these countries: Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey & USA. We are also open to launching new markets at other international locations, including Europe and the United States.

At Aseer Time Group, we are professional in the art of creating unique tastes that foster happiness. This, we accomplish by staying true to our golden rules: Charity, honesty & Integrity, Teamwork & Collaboration, Constant Growth, Flexibility, Offer Happiness, and Excellence, Development & Reward.
By partnering with other passionate individuals and brands all over the world. We are readily willing to train partners to bring the necessary knowledge and certifications. Our team of professionals handles each partnership, especially to proffer the specific solutions they need.

Through continuous research and development, we help people develop unique strategies while remaining true to the global brand you’ve always known. The company provides continued support to its partners in all the business aspects, from initiation to operations, by helping in venue selection, engineering design, employee training, soft opening, and procedures. 

While innovation and commitment towards our customers and partners have always driven us, we continue to look for new ways to grow and help you succeed in the business endeavors. We continue to focus on maintaining our success story and introducing fresh concepts and products with the aim to offer unique tastes that everyone can enjoy.


Like most success stories, ours also has a humble beginning. Unlike any story you’ve come across, this is unique and continues to be a driving force to serve you better.

  • 2011

    This was the year it all started with three partners coming together in the Bunaid Alqar suburbs of Kuwait. These young businessmen and food enthusiasts met to discuss how their childhood aspirations and passions for food could be transformed into reality. After a series of meetings, they discovered the huge gap that existed between people’s tastes and the satisfaction that they craved. The discussions advanced, but something was missing. And with no luck presenting itself immediately, they decided to explore the City for ideas. As fate would have it, they approached their favorite café, and before them was what they had been seeking for. Their eyes sparkled with joy as their visions were lying ahead of them. They craved for Their favorite dinner to be served with a delicious freshly made cup of juice. And that was where the discussions were finalized. Two months later, Aseer Time was born. A 40 square meter shop which was determined to dominate the global stage through small steps of spreading smiles on the faces of everyone who walked through the doors.

  • 2013

    The passion grew, and they developed newer methods of sharing happiness. They started creating what is now known as the mini juices, and they set the trend throughout not only Kuwait but the whole gulf region. Followers on social media were starting to demand expansion into Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

  • 2014

    The enterprise expanded to spread smiles to new sets of people. Two more brands were introduced to the public by the happiness experts — Einstein Cafe and Papa Kanafa. Applying the same standards of quality measurement and innovative menu, both brands were instant hits.

  • 2015

    In August 2015, newer ideas spurred us to incorporate some popular brands of chocolate and biscuits into our ice-cream creation, and this sauce we created was the start of something new and wonderful. A new upbeat modern menu was introduced in all branches, affecting the franchising decision for all brands. Within a few months of applying the new menu, there was a Franchisee in Doha and another in Riyadh.

  • 2017

    Towards the last part of the year 2017, a new brand was introduced. The Burgerat is a burger joint that aims to raise the bars and standards in taste and service. The brand was a hit. It started expanding into the gulf region in 2018, a year after it was opened in Kuwait.

  • 2019

    By the end of 2019, we had created unlimited happiness through more than 100 branches in over 57 cities spread across ten different Middle East countries.

  • 2020
    Farouj Abo El Abd was opened

Our rich history is one that we love to tell because of the inspirations it generates for us and hope others get from it. We continue to expand through partnerships with other passionate brands. This is important in staying through to our promise of sharing happiness through unique tastes.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be a global name. We aim to widen our customer base by expanding to several locations in different cities all over the world. We envisage our brands becoming leading figures everywhere possible. Aseer Time is committed to ensuring that our consumers get the best products and services that our brands have to offer. 

We believe in building great relationships with our customers by making them happy with their purchases and the services we deliver to them. We are also of the mindset that everyone deserves to be satisfied. This is why we are driven to spread happiness globally. 

Our vision is to revolutionize the food and beverage industry, as well as the construction and design sector, by infusing the traditional tastes and designs of Aseer Time’s homeland into our products and services. We want to give the rest of the world a taste of Arabian cuisine and dining at our restaurants, cafes, and sweet and confectionery outlets. 

At Aseer Time Group, we aspire to display the adventurousness and creativity of Arabian architecture and design through our very own design and construction company, Signature Interior. Like its name infers, the services rendered will have our core values signed on them.

All five of our brands collectively share the same dream of providing customers with the best products and services they can get. Our four food and drinks outlets operate with a similar, if not an identical vision to give customers original and quality meals, sweets, and beverages. At our design and construction label, we hope to create and deliver professional and aesthetic designs to all our clients. 

Genuine Creative Hospitallity

At Aseer Time, it is our dream to spread our brand of happiness all over the world by expanding our network. Our mission is to become a household name by developing our company on a global scale. Currently, millions of people enjoy fantastic dining experiences in countries such as Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. We’ve only achieved this by strategically selecting our locations, training our employees, and spreading the word about the amazing products and services our brands have to offer. We exist to serve our customers services and products of high quality because, at Aseer Time, quality is our watchword.

Aseer Time currently has five different brands. Each one was established to meet the specific needs of customers. Our eponymous brand, Aseer Time has won the hearts of thousands by serving amazing juices and desserts.  At every Burgerat restaurant, delicious and culture-fused burgers are served to our customers. Einstein Café offers excellent Arabian coffee. Here, you can indulge yourself with our range of chocolatey treats. Finally, Papa Kanafa is a groundbreaking brand in the Kanafa industry. Customers are treated to a unique mix of modern sweets.

All five of our brands have a distinctly common feature which is customers’ happiness and satisfaction. Our company is a customer-centered one that takes your needs very seriously.
That’s why, at Aseer Time, our employees are trained to uphold our values of professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to make our customers happy by showing them genuine Arab hospitality.. 

Our Promise

Our promise at Aseer Time is to foster continued happiness among people and put smiles on their faces through satisfying their unique tastes.

Every time you walk into any of our outlets, we hope to serve you outstanding meals and beverages just the way you want them. We know the world and everybody in it needs happiness and we’ve taken up the duty to share it with you your own way.

Our Boundaries Are Only Our Imagination

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